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Rain & Dust cover-XXL- For 600mm & 800mm-Green Forest


There’s no off season for a true wildlife photographer, Something is always waiting to be clicked, and a restless photographer don’t want to miss that opportunity. But it’s very important to protect our expensive equipment in rain and dust. Wildroar.in brings to you Rain Cover for Long Lenses. It is a lightweight and simple design. Very easy to use.  There’s  tightning in front and draw strings on other end. There’s a  opening on Bottom to take out Tripod collar. All raincovers comes with a attractive pouch. XXL Size works well with Following combinations: 1) 600mm lens + Tele Converter + Pro Body. 2) 800mm lens + Tele Converter + Pro Body.

Why WildRoar Rain & Dust Cover?

  • Double Layered waterproof fabric
  • New Matt Finish.
  • Highest quality materials- Strings, Buttons,  etc.
  • Anti-skid material at front for better grip on lens
  • Useful carrying pouch with every rain & dust cover
  • Separate size for each lens model
  • Tried and tested by India’s leading photographers

There are few brands who are copying our products and Ideas. Please note that our rain cover is made of very high quality fabric, other companies might copy our design but they cannot give you such high quality product. So please choose wisely and don’t risk your valuable equipment.

Support WildRoar so we can bring more innovative products for you.


It covers Lens + Tele Converter + Camera Body

Straps to fix it tight on hood.

Additional information


Camo, Green Forest


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